Get Involved

What is Your Civic Duty?

We live in the greatest country in the world and one of the best communities in our nation. It is our civic duty to help out and be involved in your community. The first freedom and responsibility that we have as a United States Citizens is to vote. So, vote to Re-Elect Broken Arrow Mayor Craig Thurmond to the Broken Arrow City Council so he can continue to make a difference in your community.

Many people do not get out and vote on a local level because they simply do not believe it concerns them as much as voting on a federal level. However, getting involved in your local community and the democracy and civic duty for your local city is just as important! We encourage you to get out and vote! Exercise your civic duty. Broken Arrow provides you with opportunity for your family, housing, business, recreation while maintaining safety as a pillar to our community. It’s your turn to give back to the community we all know and love!

Mark your calendar for April 6th, 2021 and get out and vote! Show your support and appreciation for all of the progress, development, safety efforts and recreational activities Craig Thurmond has brought for our great community right here in Broken Arrow.

Get Involved

How Can You Get Involved?

The way to get involved to help Re- Elect Craig Thurmond to Broken Arrow City Council in 2021 is a multi-faceted opportunity. You can help in many ways to secure Broken Arrow Mayor Craig’s spot as a re-elected city official to remain our mayor again. First you can talk to everyone that you know in Broken Arrow, you can make sure that they are registered to vote and make sure that they vote for Craig! You need to inform them about the importance that local government plays in their life. It is really more important than any other election because the local government touches them directly every day. The parks that you play in, the roads that you drive, the water that you drink and use every day, the sewer system that you use, police and fire and EMS that you hope you never use, are all a responsibility of local Broken Arrow government. Many people work at jobs that were brought to the area by the team that Mayor Craig Thurmond leads. Many businesses that you shop and eat at were also brought to Broken Arrow by the leadership of Mayor Craig Thurmond.

The second thing that you can do is get involved in the campaign to Re-Elect Craig Thurmond to the Broken Arrow City Council. You can install yard signs, knock on doors for Craig, make phone calls, you can host an event at your house or neighborhood and tell everyone to vote.

The third thing that you can do is get people to donate money to the Re-Elect Broken Arrow Mayor Craig Thurmond campaign. It takes money to get the message out of the importance of keeping Broken Arrow moving forward. All of the great things that have happened in Broken Arrow have taken a lot of hard work and experience and leadership of Craig Thurmond and are not something that just happens. From Bass Pro to the Rose District to the future Innovation District, that is what sets Broken Arrow apart from other communities. To keep Broken Arrow on the path of forward thinking and innovation we need a leader with experience and strong work ethic to move us forward.

Why Should You Promote Mayor Craig Thurmond’s Re-Election?

Residents – Living and Job Opportunities

For the residents of Broken Arrow, Broken Arrow Mayor Craig is and has been focused on many quality of life issues from Public Safety, supporting Police and Fire, to parks, to infrastructure for the Community, to education by working and meeting with all education entities to promote quality education for the residents of Broken Arrow. He has worked diligently to bring jobs to Broken Arrow and will continue to do so. He has also worked hard to bring shopping , dining and entertainment opportunities for all Broken Arrow citizens.


Broken Arrow Families

For the families of Broken Arrow, Craig is a family man and understands the needs of the Broken Arrow families. Along with all of the issues stated above, he supports all of the faith based institutions in Broken Arrow. He is a big supporter of youth sports, and the many nonprofits based in Broken Arrow. As Broken Arrow Mayor, Craig wants to continue creating a community of opportunity and safety, while proving Broken Arrow as one of the safest cities and most charming cities in our entire nation.


Business Owner

For the businesses in Broken Arrow, Craig is a Broken Arrow businessman himself and understands the challenges of operating a small business. He knows the most important thing that the government can do is to get out of the way of business and let them do what they do best. It is also important that the local government does what it can to support all of our local businesses and help them grow.


What is the Next Step to Get Involved?

So, reach out to the Re-elect Broken Arrow Mayor, Craig Thurmond campaign and help where you can. This can be volunteer work to help your local community, or maybe you can donate as much or as little financial support as you can. Either way, you can contact Craig through his website at or call him personally at 918-294-0835.
We also encourage you to get involved in the progress being made in Broken Arrow. Within your local community, you have the Rose District, the Warren Theater, local shopping and so much more. As a Broken Arrow resident, you see the progress around you. Enjoy the progress here! After all, opportunity lives here. Get involved yourself.
Ultimately, getting involved means getting out to vote! So, mark your calendar to join the support on April 6th 2021. For you, help re-elect Mayor Craig so you can see continued progress by supporting Mayor Craig Thurmond’s volunteer service as mayor. With the past 8 years as mayor and 19 years as City Council proving to be prosperous, safe and successful, we encourage you to join your support today!