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What Fuels Mayor Craig Thurmond?

Broken Arrow Mayor Craig Thurmond is fueled by his desire to serve others. Craig was born into a family that believes in service, his father served in WWII in the Navy and was at Normandy on D-Day. Craig served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War and Craig’s son, Gary, served in the Army as a Combat Medic in Afghanistan. Gary is a Disabled Veteran who now works for Life Flight saving peoples lives on a regular basis. Craig is very family oriented; he loves his family and will do anything for them. Craig has six stepchildren and is very involved in their lives. God comes first in Craig’s life! He is a member of South Broken Arrow Life Church. He is a small Broken Arrow businessman that has worked in the construction industry for 40 years. He manages real estate developments for a living.

Serving on the Broken Arrow City Council is a volunteer job. Craig is very interested in current affairs and has a great relationship with our Federal Delegation and White House, he constantly lobbies for the Citizens of Broken Arrow. Craig loves to mentor people and share what he has learned. He loves to learn about government, current affairs, work and many other things. He is an avid cyclist and loves music. His step son, Mark is a professional musician. You will see Broken Arrow Mayor Craig and his wife Sandy at many of his shows and many other live music performances.

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Broken Arrow Mayor | Craig Thurmond

What Has Mayor Craig Done For Broken Arrow?

Broken Arrow Mayor Craig Thurmond has a passion for making Broken Arrow a better, safer place to live. He has made a huge difference in Broken Arrow since he first joined the City Council in 2001. From Bass Pro to the Rose District to becoming the Safest City in Oklahoma and one of the safest cities in the Country.


What Role Has Mayor Craig Played in Development for Broken Arrow?

Craig has worked diligently starting with the Bass Pro Shop, working that project for almost 2 years before they broke ground. He was involved in forming the TIF that helped keep Flight Safety in Broken Arrow along with funding to start the Rose District. Flight Safety International is the largest flight simulator company in the world (a Berkshire Hathaway company), all of their flight simulators are manufactured in Broken Arrow. Craig worked for over six years with Bill Warren to bring Warren Theater to Broken Arrow.

He had to sell Bill on the fact that Broken Arrow was the best place to build, with Craig’s construction background he was able to sell Bill and many other corporate leaders on the benefit of building in Broken Arrow. He worked with Alfa Laval, (a Swedish Company that has been in existence since 1889) to move their operation from Pennsylvania to Broken Arrow , bringing 347 new jobs to our community over three years. Craig has been working with L3 to try and get them to expand their operation in Broken Arrow. Craig worked with Stoney Creek Hotel and Jim Thompson for over 7 Years to bring his project to Broken Arrow. Craig went to Iowa on two occasions to see Jim’s hotels and to meet with him about moving to Broken Arrow. The Rose District started as the Downtown Development Plan in 2004 and Craig has been involved since the beginning. After over 23 Million Dollars of investment and there is now over 60 Million Dollars of private investment and growing in the Award-winning Rose District. Seven years ago, the city received approximately $18,000 in sales tax from the Rose District, in 2018 the City received over $431,000 of sales tax from the Rose District.

Broken Arrow Mayor Craig has been working for the last five years on Broken Arrow’s new Innovation District. The Innovation District will enable business to do research and development in Broken Arrow and give students an opportunity to intern and obtain good paying jobs in Broken Arrow. Growing jobs has been a big focus of Mayor Craig Thurmond. Craig serves on the Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors and the Broken Arrow Chamber Board of Directors, along with many other boards, commissions and authorities. He has worked with many corporations to motivate their expansions and growth in Broken Arrow. The City of Broken Arrow added 458 new jobs in 2019.

What Family Activities Has Mayor Craig Helped Provide in Broken Arrow?

Broken Arrow Mayor Craig has worked with the Broken Arrow City Team to develop parks. The city is getting ready to build its 40th park. Craig worked with the White House last year to help get a tax lien released so the City could exchange land with the BAPS to obtain the land to build the new park in South West Broken Arrow. Craig serves on the Convention and Visitors Board to support parks and tourism in our community. Craig is an avid cyclist and can be seen often riding on our parks department trail system.


What is Mayor Craig’s Platform on Public Safety?

Craig believes that the number one charge of government at any level is to protect its citizens through Public Safety. Craig’s adopted daughter was shot in the head standing in her front yard in Broken Arrow. By the Grace of God, she survived. Oklahoma does not have an attempted murder law, so Brandy’s shooter received a 2-year sentence for assault with a dangerous weapon.


What Has Mayor Craig Done to Increase Public Safety?

Craig went to work at the State Capitol, lobbying for a new law. A law was passed named the Brandy Thurmond Law, which sentences an offender to 10 years in prison when they discharge a firearm in commission of a felony. Public Safety is very personal to Craig, passing the law was a key motivator to Craig, knowing he had the ability and work ethic to make a difference in his community. As Broken Arrow Mayor, Craig has been a supporter of public safety from the beginning, supporting more equipment, personnel, and new fire stations for the fire department and more personnel, equipment, and new police stations for the police department. Broken Arrow has gone from not being recognized to the 19th safest city in the country by 24/7 Wall Street.